Hospitals in Oman- Introduction Oman Healthcare Facilities

Oman Healthcare Facilities

Introduction Oman Healthcare Facilities

There are several hospitals in Oman with a strong public Oman HealthCare program that offers a high quality of medical facilities. Oman has 59 hospitals and 897 health centers, clinics, and pharmacies. Just 10 hospitals are private, and the remaining hospitals are the government. Oman has an extensive government health system (free from Omani nationals). There are around 49 Oman health ministry hospitals, and many medical clinics and preventive medical centers. If you need emergency support without a receipt, and at any time between 7:00 am-10:00 am, from Saturday to Wednesday, you can visit the Mina Al Fahal health center, and you’ll be checked on a first-come, first-served base.

Oman Healthcare Facilities

Need an appointment with your health professional about your wellbeing and sickness? When you’re an expat in Oman, you can quickly access the map and locate the healthcare facilities that can care for your immediate needs. This article mentioned some private hospitals in Oman you have to remember when visiting the Hospitals in Oman to make it simpler for you.

In this article, we will discuss some Top Private Hospitals in Muscat Oman. 

Costs are essential for immigrants and health insurance in Oman. Hospital prices in Oman are based on luxury hospitals and small towns. The hospital differs greatly, based on whether a hospital is extremely-luxurious (with a big mosque, medical store, and laboratory) or more moderate (with limited facilities). Diagnosis typically costs parallel accommodation costs, so finding good care in a hospital without luxury equipment is rare.

There are three types of hospitals in Oman, such as public, private and military hospitals. Many private hospitals in Oman are lavishly equipped and may comfortably move over to five-star hotels, but they often offer care at five-star rates.

Many private hospitals in Oman have urgent care or emergency centers regarding their outpatient facilities. Still, Omani emergency departments are most likely to send patients to government hospitals in the case of unexpected emergencies (like car crashes). There’s little overcrowding in hospitals and clinics in Oman, even though these facilities are open 24 hours a day and usually operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Although Arabic and English are commonly spoken, English is mostly spoken in private hospitals where several employees and the number of patients are immigrants. Private hospital treatment is usually arranged in single rooms instead of wards, allowing parents to live with their kids. Typically facilities provide such ‘luxury items’ including TV and AC in the room, a cafe, often even a praying space, and a library to spend some time reading.


Health Insurance In Oman

Whether you’re going to travel or stay in Oman, you must consider having the correct bundle of health insurance to better offset the hospital expenses. According to your budget and requirements, we can help you discover more about the appropriate plan for health insurance in Oman. Hospitals and healthcare safety in Oman are traditional and very affordable. The fact is that at least one Hospital in Oman in the cities and villages is available.


Top Public And Private Hospitals in Oman

Public And Private Hospitals in Oman

If you wish to recover from any sickness, or delivering a baby, have to seek medical treatment and surgery, car accident, or require a regular check-up, you will go at least one hospital or clinic that is some distance away from your home. It’s terrible to miss medical appointments, and you have to at least know how to select the right hospital for yourself. Here are the guidelines and the top 10 famous hospitals in Oman to get the best treatment to direct you.

Green Apple Medical Center

The Green Apple Medical Center is among the top Private Hospitals in Muscat Oman. With extra treatment, the patients are served really well. It is formed to deliver the best possible treatment. For the pain and suffering, we have professional care with both facilities. Our facility is equipped with all services, including x-ray, radiology, pharmacy, lab, etc. Physicians are trained in different areas like cardiology, orthopedics, rheumatology, urology, pediatrics, general surgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, dentistry, dermatology, and much more. They understand that taking on health responsibilities and implementing services for health protection. The therapies are often provided in the bundle, where all check-ups are conducted, and the appropriate prescription is prescribed.


Muscat Private Hospital


Muscat Private Hospital was founded in the year 2000. They are General Hospital with 72 beds situated in Bausher Street. For all specific areas of expertise, they provide outstanding treatment and hospital-based services. It is one of the top Private Hospitals in Muscat Oman.

With outstanding foreign personnel and an accomplished team of qualified surgeons, Muscat Private Hospital is considered a first-class health center where patients and clients are given the highest priority. Allied Healthcare runs this hospital. Allied Medical is a multinational organization in health care providers, with 27 years in Middle East practice. You can call Tel: (+968) 24583600. Also, visit for more details.


The Royal Hospital Oman

The Royal Hospital is a center of healthcare services. His policy is to ‘work-up, make a diagnosis, and deal with difficult cases that can not be handled anywhere in Oman. Appropriately, it draws on infrastructure that is not accessible in national referral facilities, and at main healthcare facilities and community health centers in the capital city. For the follow-up, people with severe situations are controlled and send back to their primary catchment areas. Such back-referrals help patients to have good care and treatment as close as possible to their homes. Focus on back-referrals often means that spaces and services for appointment are not blocked up to accept new references. The Royal Hospital is a government hospital working on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis due to prioritizing healthcare emergencies. Therefore, the request for bed or space is not allowed in advance. Immigrants According to the MoH regulation, foreigners are welcomed for diagnosis at Royal Hospital. The only if it’s urgent or if the medical symptoms seem to that there are no specific treatment services available in the private hospital. P.O. Box 1331 Seeb, PC 111, Muscat. You can call Tel: (+968) Also, visit for more details.


Kim’s Oman Hospital

KIMS Oman Hospital is situated in Darsait, Muscat, Oman Sultanate. A state-of-the-art outpatient clinic facility devoted to the Omani community. Well, KIMS is the main Indian Health Care organization with existence in more than 5 GCC countries. KIMS considers Oman as one of the GCC’s favored health-care locations. Our hope of making “kindness and respect” a soothing touch to the Oman citizens have now brought happiness. KIMS Oman Hospital is a perfect fusion of high-quality medical machinery and highly qualified medical professionals coming from different professions. KIMS is focused on offering Oman healthcare facilities at reasonable prices according to international standards. P.O Box 1522, P.C 114. You can call Tel: (+968) 24760100 / 200 / 300. Also, visit for more details.


Badr Al Samaa Hospitals

The Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals is a well-known hospital in Oman. Formed in 2002 with its head office in Oman’s Ruwi Sultanate, it has gained the faith and respect of the individuals within a very short time period. It provides outstanding physician-specialized care. Badr Al Samaa delivers software-based and well-equipped Oman healthcare facilities in each area, along with amazing diagnosis by physicians. P.O. Box: 433, P.C. 112. You can call at+968 2 479 9760. For further details, visit


Burjeel Hospital

Burjeel Hospital Clinic Casuality 3521 Way, Muscat, Oman, is one of the world’s best private hospitals. Oman healthcare provider Burjeel Hospital, Al Khuwair, has been honored by the Sultanate’s MOH with the prestigious ‘Best Private Hospital-2017 Prize’. Burjeel Hospital delivers state-of-the-art medical treatment services through a broad range of specialties covering orthopedics, surgeries, spinal repair, sports medicine and cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, urology, diagnostic testing, dentistry, and laboratory facilities.

 Oman health ministry has prioritized the elevation of quality in the hospitality industry, resulting in a high emphasis on initiatives that would add high-end services to the current health system. You can call at +968 24 399777. For further details, visit


Abeer Hospital Muscat

Abeer Hospital is located at Clinic Casuality Muscat Hospital, Oman. It is the best Hospital in Oman. This hospital offered affordable Oman healthcare services to the global population and citizens since its establishment last year. 

Abeer Hospital has received the prestigious Oman health ministry (MOH) ‘Best Private Hospital Award.’ You can call at +968 24 770800. Or also visit at


lifeline hospital

Lifeline Hospital LLC is based in Oman’s Sultanate of Falaj Al Qabail, Sohar. Doctor V.P. Shamsheer built this hospital. This hospital was his dream. This is Sohar world’s largest medical center, built-in August 2011. To offer high-class services, Lifeline hospital builds for the patients at an affordable cost. Designed with state-of-the-art infrastructure, this multispecialty service provides numerous medical and surgical specialties and emergency facilities. Tel: +968 26 651111. You can also visit


Al Raffah Hospital LLC – Oman

Al-Rafah Hospital is the Best Hospital in Oman. This latest facility, the biggest in not only Muscat and in Dubai, offers the highest quality treatment services that allow top-class support in helping to tread the journey to healing in the easiest to the more complicated cases. Led by a diverse network of uniquely carefully selected doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other healthcare practitioners from a range of ethnic backgrounds, we concentrate on delivering excellent quality treatment to maintain optimal satisfaction for patients. This is the new Oman healthcare service in the country. With over 11 years of experience, the reflections of their strong work continue and admired right from GCC to India. 

Our goal is to put state-of-the-art Oman healthcare innovations within reach of this country’s citizens. Constant learning of our staff and updating of different facilities is part of our targeted initiatives to provide our patients with the highest level of care.


Apollo Hospital Muscat

Apollo hospital is the best Hospital in Oman. Dedicated to providing all residents in the Sultanate of Oman with affordable medical care. To recognize your health conditions regularly, and to improve their health care facilities to suit your needs. Apollo Hospital Muscat’s growth is due to the provision of effective quality medical services. To the greatest in the country and recognizing the interests of the individual and delivering under one umbrella the most advanced state-of-the-art medical facilities. Strong work ethic consultants such as world-renowned German and Indian orthopedic surgeons and one of the Sultanate’s top ophthalmology and gynecological facilities providers. Call at +968 24787766. Or visit at


In this article, we will help you understand Oman healthcare and how you can get overseas health insurance coverage. You can visit any of these as they are mostly operating 24 hours a day. You can always choose your preferred hospitals and clinics for your own comfort and convenience. Remember, health is wealth, so don’t take your health care needs as a joke.


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