Different Aspects of Life in Oman-Living Guide

Different aspects of life in Oman
Life In Oman

A snapshot of life in Oman

Have you ever been to Oman? Do you know how people spend their life in Oman? Have you ever had an idea about the lifestyle of people living in Oman? Did you know that the country has some fascinating and unparalleled beaches? If you do not know any of the above before and are interested to know about it. Well, this article is for you then. Living in Oman means getting many opportunities in a beautiful and peaceful country. Oman is one of the most traditional countries in the world. The location of the country is at the mouth of the Gulf in the south-east corner of Arabian in the new Middle East area. It covers 309,501 km2 areas and about 4.829 million populations (2018) are there. It is the second-largest state of the Peninsula. The official religion of the country is Islam and most people speak Arabic and English.

Capital (Muscat):

Oman has about 10 major cities in which ‘’Muscat’’ is the largest city. It is also the capital of Oman consisting of 1.4 million people as of September 2018 reported by NCSI (National Center for Statistics and Information). Although the population is not dense, but life in Muscat is developing progressively. The city is an important port-town in the Oman Gulf attracts many tradesmen. Many people are migrating to this city to enjoy a luxurious life in Muscat. There are beautiful roads in Muscat and driving is much safe here. However, when traveling outside of this city driving may be dangerous as you can hit camels and goats on the roads. Rapid infrastructural development is going on its peak levels. This, in turn, is playing a key role in the economy of the country, Hence Muscat is known to be a ‘’Global City’’ of Oman.


The people living in Oman enjoy their life. They usually spend a very cool, calm, and comfortable life. One of the natural beauties of Oman is the attracting sight of beaches. There are about 20 eye-catching beaches in Oman. Oman consists of a 1700 km coastal area. This area makes about 20 beaches reflecting beautiful sights. Some of the famous beaches of Oman are Al Qurum Beach, Al Mughsayl Beach, Bandar Jissah, Musandam Beaches, Tiwi Beach, Ras Al Hadd, Al Bustan Beach, Masirah Island, Duqum Beach, Al Sawadi Beach, and many others.


Oman is a very rich country with a lot of God-gifted useful resources but One of the major resources of Oman is petroleum.  It produces only 998.3 barrels per day. Oman recorded a daily average crude oil production of 998.3 barrels at the end of March 2020, against 970.5 barrels over the same period of 2019, the NCSI report added April 28, 2020. Other resources may include some marble, coral reefs, Chromium, gypsum, and natural gas.


Oman Lifestyle

There is a very relaxed, cool, and calm life in Oman. If you are with family it would be easier to stay rather than if you are single, but it does not mean that being single is difficult or problematic to live. If you are a hardworking, well-disciplined then you can stay there with ease. Oman is one great place for any ex-pat. The people of Oman are very simple and well-mannered with a nice attitude. There is a vibrant social scene, virgin beaches, and tolerance to all religions. The overall life in Oman is very peaceful and the Omani people are very kind, helpful, and down to earth.

Cultural and Social Life in Oman:

While visiting Oman you will meet well mannered and genuinely polite people. The majority of people are Muslims. So, they get involved in their religious social festivals like eids (festivals), Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha, as well as several secular holidays. But these Social interactions remain largely segregated by gender. Women especially those in rural areas wear a conservative dress. These women usually wear bright color fabrics. Many of them have jeweled adornments. As far as men are concerned they continue to carry a short, broad, curved, and often highly ornate dagger known as a khanjar which is worn tucked in the front waistband. Mealtime serves as the center of most social gatherings. The typical delicious meals may include rice, spiced lamb or fish, dates, and coffee or tea.

Family life in Oman:

Oman is tribal society but its tribal influence is declining day by day. Oman is a nice place to live, especially for families. If you want to spend life in Oman with family you will have no trouble at all. Here you can expect a family life like the family in an Islamic country. Furthermore, Women are many partners of men as compared to many other Arab countries. There are schools, colleges, and universities both for girls and boys. In addition to this, most of the people visit mosques with their families and which is a compulsory part of their life. In general, family life in Oman has great respect for one another. Oman is a bit like the Switzerland of the Gulf.

Nightlife in Oman:

With the passage of time tourism continues to boom with a massive influx of ex-pats each year. Oman’s nightlife has grown significantly. Life in Oman is very much happening a bit different from other Muslim countries and Muscat itself holds many licensed bars, pubs, and restaurants than any other city in Oman. The nightlife in Oman is very colorful. There you can get all kinds of fun of life like Live Concerts, English Style pubs, Swanky bar With Asian and Arabian Live Dance bars. Not only this, but you can also roam all night around the markets and cafés, etc. In short, you can have a very colorful and full of fun nights there in Oman.

Hotels and Restaurants:

Oman Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues are the major aspects that generate huge revenue for a country, thus increasing the economy of the country. They play a key role in stimulating tourism for the country. A number of beautiful hotels and restaurants are there which makes life in Oman more enjoyable. They are very highly standardized hotels and restaurants with very reliable rates. Therefore, the food and hospitality industry at Oman is contributing mainly to Oman’s GDP. It would be a difficult task to list the number of hotels and restaurants in Oman. However, some of the famous may include The Beach Restaurant, Bin Ateeq, Al Angham, Grand Lounge, Begum’s, and many more. So, you can stay in these restaurants by eating delicious food. The food is not expensive and there you can find small coffee shops everywhere even in small villages in Oman.

Charges and cost:

As described earlier the charges of hotels and restaurants are very reliable and much affordable in Oman. There is no personal or income tax in Oman, anyhow, hotels and restaurants charge about 17 percent of the tax rate. So, you can visit and entertain here with a very short budget with you.


For a country to develop economically its airports play an eminent role by generating huge revenue for the country. Oman among the developed countries of the world has many airports. One of the most important airports of Oman is ‘’The Muscat International Airport’’ located in ‘’Seeb’’ however, there are other two airports ‘’Salalah Airport’’ and ‘’Khasab Airport’’. Except for these, there are about 10 airports in total in Oman which include domestic, private, and military airports. These airports are the source of connection for the people of Oman with the people of other world countries.


Lockdown life in Oman:

It’s a known fact that COVID-19 has become a worldwide pandemic due to a respiratory affecting virus (COVID-19) as it is worldwide but on Feb 24 in Oman sultanate, it was confirmed for the first time when two of the residents reached there all the way from Iran. From then till July 2020 the total count of the affected individual who has been registered are 68,400. Out of which approximately 326 people died and above 60% of cases have been recovered to date.

Effects in Muscat:

76% of the total number of affected individuals was recorded in Muscat which apparently was the most affected governorate till now. By analyzing the COVID situation the Sultanate of Oman had decided to put a complete lockdown throughout the country from April 10 to April 22 to settle down the situation but rather it was getting worse day by day so that the lockdown had to be extended twice until May 29 the main cause of spreading and getting this out of control was the local transmission.

Effects in Muttrah:

But the Second province that was initially most Worse got affected was Muttrah containing 45% of the total infected quota by early April. So, that the province Muttrah was put to complete isolation from April 1, 2020, and remained in isolation even after the Muscat lockdown was lifted. Starting from June 6, 2020, the isolation of Muttrah was started to lift up from most of the parts of this province. Dhofar Government imposes the lockdown starting from June 13 to July 13, 2020.

Current situation of lockdown:

Talking about the current situation now the Sultanate of Oman has begun a nationwide smart lockdown for a week starting from Saturday, July 25, 2020, to Saturday, August 8, 2020, for preventing the efflux of COVID-19 during the holiday period of Edi-UL-Adha. And the Supreme Committee of Oman has set very strict rules of this smart lockdown/curfew that from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am all the stores remain close and there will be no movement on public places. All the Control Checkouts and security patrols will escalate. There would remain a ban on Eid Prayers and after gatherings and the violator of these rules will have to pay to be $260 as a fine.


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