Mall of Oman All you Need to Know about Shopping in Oman

Mall of Oman

Mall of Oman

Mall of Oman is a new market that will open in 2021. This venue is through to attract millions of visitors per year. Mall of Oman will be placed in Sultanate, and it’s expected to become a flagship for Sultanate residents.


Mall of Oman is the name of the mall to open. It will also be called Sultanate’s Mall.

Opening time: 10 am

Closing time: 10am

Location: Oman’s capital city


Mall of Oman will be the first commercial center to have a great variety of clothing retailers from New York for the first time in Oman. The Apparel Group brands will take up 10,000 sqm of the whole place.

Nilesh Ved is due to open in Oman Mall in 2021.

According to the manager, they estimate they can go even further once they manage to accommodate the market. The goal, in the end, is to include more prestigious brands by creating an alley for them and for the customers. They are studying the market to bring what the customers actually want according to their analysis. Through this assessment, they are taking the Mall of Oman to another level.

Shopping in Oman

First, you can find out how shopping in Oman is by browsing travel agency sites and platforms like Trip Advisor, on which you read reviews as well.

So, whenever you go into the Mall of Omen in 2021, you have to expect two things: Shopping for clothing and dining out. There will also be lots of leisure attractions and international food restaurants.

The mall will host shops for electronics, mobile phones, and home appliances, as well as a wide range of health appliances and beauty electronics for women.

This place will feature entertainment areas and a jewelry shop chain.

China Mall Oman

There are three locations in China Mall Oman. The first outlet is Barka Gate Mall, the second is China Market, and the third is RuwiChina Mall. All outlets share similar opening timings. Barka is headquartered between Barka and Seeb, while China Market and Ruwi China Mall surround Muscat.

Opening time

Barka Gate Mall – 10am

China Market – 10am

Ruwi China Mall – 9 am.

Closing time:  10pm

Location: Barka Gate Mall is on the way to Seeb. China Market is based on the other side of Seeb, in the north of Subayl and Ruwi Mall, between Qurm and Al-Bustan.

Top items in a mall

Barka is a great place to do with the family. There are clothing stores you will see from the very moment you step into this place. There are tons of goldbrick and jewelry stores in line, where you can purchase golden bracelets and luxury outfits.

Purse and wallet stores are also very common. There are cotton-sugar stalls installed in the streets.

Ruwi China Mall

This is the largest of the three China Malls in Oman.

Due to its size, there are guides offering tours around it. If you want to try local and international snack brands, this is the right place.

What to buy in Oman malls

There are lots of things you can buy in Oman malls, but basically, you will only find a lot of clothing stores and restaurants that offer local Omani food. Going to perfume shops is also an enjoyable experience.

Mall of Muscat

Mall of Muscat is a building with more than 370 shops that sell watches and jewelry. It is the largest mall located in the Sultanate region of Oman. It has a movie theater.

Opening time

9 am

Closing time

12 am


A Salam St, Seeb, Oman

Shopping in Muscat

Muscat Mall has around 100 restaurants that offer local and international food to customers. The vast array of dining outlets is the most impressive feature of the Mall of Muscat.

You can also go on a trip around the Oman Aquarium, which contains more than 30,000 fish and other species.

Ultimately, you will find:

–         Shoe stores

–         A movie theater

–         Department store

–         A hypermarket (there’s a wide range of international food for sale here)

–         Jewelry, watches, and optical stores

–         Perfumes and cosmetics stores.

Carrefour Muscat

Carrefour Oman serves as a hypermarket chain in Oman. In this market, you can buy electronics, garden furniture, toys and entertainment, home appliances, personal care products, leisure items, homeware, clothes, and accessories. Carrefour Muscat also has an extensive range of fresh groceries for sale in the streets.

Top shops and items

Carrefour is a French enterprise whose mission is to distribute products, services, and food at an accessible price through various channels.

Carrefour Muscat offers a wide range of products that are, for the most part, environmentally friendly. Yes, Carrefour is a hypermarket that sells healthy food at an affordable price thanks to an agreement they have with Act For Food.

Opening time

10 am

Closing time

10 pm weekdays —- 11 pm on weekends


Seeb St, Muscat 111, Oman.

Lulu Muscat

Lulu Muscat is another hypermarket operating in Oman. It belongs to the multinational LuLu Group International, which is a recognized top retailer. This mall has 191 stores and is one of the most popular markets near the Gulf region.

Apart from the stores, it features bank counters, parking spaces, playgrounds, and laid out counters.


Main shops sell groceries, electronics, and fresh.

Opening time

9 am

Closing time

11 pm


LuLu Hypermarket, Darsait, Muscat, Oman

Mall in Salahah

Mall in Salahah is the largest commercial center built in the Salahah region that operates as a hypermarket. It offers a scenic view thanks to its fountain and Salahah gardens. It has a food court surrounded by coffee shops, ice-cream parlors, and a sitting area. It is part of the Salahah Gardens Hotel.

Salalah Gardens Mall (Salalah Mall) – First and the Largest Modern Mall in Salalah. Brands and Hypermarket.The Fountain.Food Court in Salalah Gardens Mall.Coffee Shops and Ice-cream Parlors.Restaurants.AswaqSalalah. Sitting Area.Salalah Gardens Hotel.

Carrefour Salahah

Carrefour is a hypermarket located in Salahah that is part of one of the hypermarkets that were introduced into the Middle East and Africa in 1995. It is deemed as one of the leading shopping malls in the MENA region. Willing to buy some electronics? Carrefour Salahah is the right place.

When we talk about one of the dynamic and fast-pacing places for shopping, Carrefour is among the top ones. It has over 21,000 employees of 68 nationalities, making it an ideal venue for doing tourism.

What to buy in Carrefour Salahah? Electronics and organic food are what they offer. All the food in CarrrefourSalahah is organic and chemical-free. Also, most of the items are local products. If you want to know what Omani has for dinner or breakfast, shopping around Carrefour Salahah can give you a clue of this.

Lulu Salahah

Lulu Salahah is part of the Multinational Lulu Group International, which has always been a foremost industry in the region. It has almost 91 stores and receives millions of visitors, especially from the Gulf Region.

Speaking of its infrastructure, it is a very modern place that provides a proper shopping ambiance that is convenient to most consumers. There are areas for children, laid out counters, a food court to taste local dishes and a series of international and regional brands that satisfy all tastes.

It has become one of the favorite places not only for UEA residents, but also for the inhabitants of Egypt, Malaysia, and India.

Best and cheap shopping places in Oman

Al Husn/HaffaSouq

It is one of the largest but also one of the busiest venues for shopping in Oman. It has an immense collection of aromatized frankincense, silver jewelry, and beautiful handicrafts. Al Husn is seen as the best venue for buying silver daggers (which are part of the Omani tradition), traditional coffee pots, and essential oils.

It harbors shop chains that offer coals, burners, lotions, and perfumes. Make a stop-over in one of the stalls for some honey and ice-cream.


MuttrhSouq is considered the favorite shopping spot for most tourists in Oman. It is designed following most Arabian market parameters that install timber roofing. The shops and stalls generally sell frankincense and myrrh. You have to be careful when visiting MuttrahSouq since it is very easy to get lost in its tangled streets full of wooden handicraft shops.

Ladies SouqIbra

Ladies SouqIbra only opens for women that come from the Middle-East on Wednesday. Men are not allowed to step into this shopping venue during this day of the week. LadiesSouqIbra is dedicated to female merchants that sell products and goods for women. It is very common to see women from the Bedouin area shopping for textiles, home décor, jewelry, and souvenirs.

Top 8 Malls in Oman for Shopping

Some safety information while shopping in Oman malls

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown, the Muscat Municipality has issued guidelines to all mall centers.

Firstly, some commercial activities are suspended temporarily. The rules are almost the same as in other places that include sterilizing surfaces, improving ventilation, and enhancing social distancing in cash counters. Purchasers must keep 2 meters apart from the cash counters when paying.

The whole staff must wear protective equipment, so all stall owners must strain to provide this. All visitors must be checked their temperature before entering the mall and being isolated in case of having Covid-19 symptoms.


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