Oman Visa On Arrival And Its Types-Requirements

Oman Visa On Arrival And Its Types

Oman Visa On Arrival And Its Types

Unless you intend to travel to Oman in the coming days, you must be informed that there is currently no Oman visa on arrival available. Anyone who plans to fly to Oman wants to apply directly beforehand, as per Royal Oman police. The proposal came in as an attempt to stop long visa queues on airport entry reception desks. You must note, moreover, that submitting electronically is much simpler, and therefore iVisa can support. 

If you’d like to explore, keep reading this article to make your Oman visa prepared completely. 


The obvious solution to an Oman visa on arrival is a digital visa. The method to receive it is entirely electronic, so you should use facilities iVisa offers. 

You will have to follow those conditions when applying online. Nonetheless, iVisa will request you very little because your contributions are negligible. You’ll need to include the following documents:

  • Passport validation with at least 6 months.
  • A scanned copy of the passport bio page.
  • A computerized picture of yourself
  • E-mail address
  • A Credit/Debit card or Paypal account for the payment.

Most of the occasions, eVisa electronic applications demand further documentation from a particular region as a resident passport or residency authorization. Kindly follow iVisa Checker to verify if your citizenship needs additional documentation such as mentioned.

You should continue on to the online application once you have gathered all you need. This will take approximately 10 – 15 minutes and iVisa offers outstanding 24/7 technical support if you require help.


The very first step to consider is either you’re qualifying for an e-visa or not. To do so, use the Visa Checker on iVisa. Simply pick your birth country, and Oman as your departure point. You will check right away if you are eligible for the visa. 

Will Oman tours get an Oman visa on arrival? 

People from 71 qualifying parts of the world, along with all the citizens of the European Union, Australia, Japan, and the United States, have already been able to receive a visa at specific border crossings in the region upon Oman visa on arrival.

Nevertheless, the introduction of the electronic Oman transit visa has been planned to replace the earlier program and speed up the visa registration procedure for people of the same qualification.


The Oman family Visa is permitted to the partner living far from them, who is a resident in Oman and their under (21) year old children. It is also granted to an Omani state’s remote partner at their request and responded to verification by the relevant person (Ministry of the Interior) validating the marital status.

The Oman family visa is granted to the close relatives of the Omani resident and the close relatives of the outsider. They are exempt from the groups eligible for Community willing to join Oman e Visa by the respective authority at its strategy and community assistance and on its duty. The Visa will be as follows:

  1. Valid for use: from the issue date within half a year. 
  2. Authenticity: 2 days from the day the identity visa went in. 
  3. Oman visa cost: 20 Omani Riyals. 
  4. Oman visa fee in all situations is Non-Refundable. 
  5. Register online for Oman Visa & receive an Oman visa for Indians hassle-free. Oman visa tours at the cheapest rates.
  6. Late restitution or non-enrollment fees for the living arrangement grant are (50) fifty Omani Riyals per month. 

Oman Visa Types 

Oman visa online for UAE residents to Tourist 

The committee grants it to the individual who wishes to travel Oman by thoroughly examining their personal information. This visa allows you to remain in Oman for a maximum duration of 30 days.

Oman Work Visa It is given when one regional Oman citizen sponsors a foreigner for a reason. The worker’s age will be at and above 21 years. 

Joining a Family visa for Oman from UK 

This visa is given to an immigrant living in Oman’s spouse and kids (under 21 years of age). The maximum period is 2 years.

Resident Student Visa 

Students who arrive for studies in Oman will qualify for this Oman Student Visa. This provides for a 2-3 year residence in Oman from the official visit. 

Visa Business Residence 

All outsiders who would like to invest their resources in Oman are given this visa. He/she has the option of living in Oman for 6 months.

Family, Visa associated 

Under the support of an Omani locality, it is given to associates of an Omani or a visitor. 

Visa For An International Trip 

This visa is issued to tourists, at the demand of a supporting federal agency.

Visa for Oman from UK

Looking for a Visa for Oman from UK? Yes, UK people must have a visa in their passport before they could even reach Oman. Also, UK people may request an Oman eVisa, which is simpler and cheaper than a conventional embassy visa application.

The electronic Oman Visa on Arrival can be obtained whether as a single entry visa allowing visits of either for 10 or 30 days in Oman or as a dual immigrant visa allowing for a maximum residence of 30 days during its 1-year duration. Those wishing to Oman tours for further months will apply for residency from an immigration office in Oman. Oman is one of the best places with the fastest and most developing. When you are in the state of mind for some water-activity fun, Oman is the best spot to be. The travelers from all around the world have also taken an interest in this wonderful world for the past century. So, the demand and online search for Oman visa on arrival has risen. Join us for more information and stay up to date with the Oman latest news about the visa.



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