Living in Muscat… An Unforgettable Journey

Cost of Living in Muscat

A snapshot of Living in Muscat

Living in Muscat has been grateful for everyone? Have you ever been to Muscat?  Do you know the city with many historical places? If, No, then let’s discuss and know. Living in a big city like Muscat is an amazing experience because this city is the capital of Oman and one of the Middle East’s oldest cities. Moreover, It is the center of civilization with unique and interesting features. Oman has about 10 major cities but Muscat is it’s the largest city. Its population is 1.4 million as of September 2018 reported by( NCSI). The life in Muscat is developing progressively. This is because the city is an important port-town in the Oman Gulf attracts many tradesmen. So as a result, rapid infrastructural development is going on at its peak level. Hence, Muscat is known to be a Global City of Oman.

Mosques in Muscat:

Muscat is the city of an Islamic country Oman. Muscat consists of a majority of Muslim people. However, there are people belonging to other religions too. The people of Muscat spend their lives according to Islamic rules and regulations. and they do worship in the mosques. They also celebrate their other festivals in the Mosques too. Therefore, Mosques provide a great opportunity to explore Muscat. For instance, you may explore cultural, historical, and architectural aspects. These mosques are open not only to Muslims but also to Non-Muslims without any charge.

Some of the famous and popular mosques are given as follows.

  1. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
  2. Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque
  3. Al Zulfa Mosque
  4. Al Zawawi Mosque
  5. Sultan Taimur bin Faisal Mosque
  6. Talib bin Mohammed Mosque, In short, there are many other beautiful mosques too in the city. Transport System: The transport system should be very efficient for a city to live in. Roads act as the arteries through which the economy of a country pulses. So, being the largest city in the country there are a number of highways in Oman. For instance, ”Muscat Expressway” is 54 kilometer running from the Al Qurum area of Muscat to the Halban area on the outskirts of Muscat. Like other developed cities of the world transport in Muscat is also very well established and much regulated. If you are living in Muscat, there is a local bus service with modern, air-conditioned buses. These buses depart every 15 to 30 minutes. But it also depends on the route of the bus. The routes connect all the bus stations and thus cover the whole area of Muscat. Bus stops are marked with red-and-white Mwasalat logos. Fares cost between 200 and 500 Baisa (Omani currency). It should be paid in cash to the bus driver. There is an app launched in 2019 showing all routes and bus stops in Muscat. The link for the app is (

Muscat International Airport:

There are about 10 airports in Oman but Muscat International Airport is the most popular. It’s not present in the center of Muscat but about 32 km away from Muscat. The national airline of Oman is Oman Air. Founded in June 1993, headquartered at Muscat International Airport (MCT) in Muscat. In addition to this, there are other airlines having codeshare agreements like Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Garuda Indonesia which are more prominent. But some others may also include KLM, Malaysia Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Sri Lankan Airlines and Turkish Airlines, and many more.

Beaches in Muscat:


The life in Muscat is very pleasuring, congenial and delightful. It is much entertaining too. Muscat is a perfect reflection of Oman’s mind-blowing attractions and beauty. This makes it an unmissable destination for those seeking a relaxing escape. This is because there are beaches. These beaches are playing a key role in developing the tourist industry in the country. There are a number of alluring beaches in Muscat. Some of them are briefly described here.

1) Al Bustan Beach:

This beach is part of Al Bustan Palace, which is one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in Muscat. It is the longest beach in the country. Here tourists can enjoy many activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and sailing. Meanwhile, you are there you can enjoy delicious meals too.

2) Kalbuh Beach:

Interesting to know about this beach is that this is one of the most visited beaches in Muscat. It is the best place to go for swimming in Muscat. They even offer free swimming classes too.

3) Shatti Al Qurum:

The location of Al Qurum beach is on the northern coast. It is part of one of the Muscats prime residential areas which are known as Muscat’s Diplomatic District. It is present in close proximity to one of Muscat’s most luxurious hotels like the Grand Hyatt. Hence due to the location of nearby hotels, you can enjoy delicious meals here too.

Cost of Living in Muscat:

Muscat is a very safe city to live in. Security forces secure the city very well. That’s why you feel no danger while you are in Muscat. If you are living in Muscat with your family it becomes easier to live in Muscat. But singles can also have a pleasant and secure life here. Living in Muscat is not expensive. It is about 26% cheaper to live in Muscat than in Dubai. Also, it is 46.68% lower than living in New York and the living index cost for Muscat is 52.32.

Jobs in Muscat:

One of the aspects of moving to the city is seeking for a job there. One can find a job easily in Muscat. But it is a little bit difficult to get a job if you are an ex-pat. The national people of Oman are preferred for jobs than ex-pats. However, if you are a professional having strong skills you can get a job there easily. The jobs requiring specific skills like operators, technicians and mechanics are even open for ex-pats. Similarly, if you are a professional like a doctor, industry expert, or university or college professor then you would get a job preferably.

Hotels and Restaurants:

Hotels and restaurants are also an important part of the tourist industry. As described earlier that Muscat city of Oman has many entertaining points thus attracting tourists. Hence, there are a number of luxurious with much high standard hotels and restaurants as a whole in Oman, specifically in Muscat. Most of these hotels and restaurants are located near beautiful beaches thus making an eye-catching sight. These provide a variety of delicious foods and comfortable stay there. Some of the famous hotels and restaurants of Muscat include

  1. Al Angham Restaurant,
  2. Al Boom and Dolphin Bar,

3.Al Khiran Kitchen,

4.Al Makan Café,

5.Al Mandoos Restaurant

  1. Asado Steakhouse(,
  2. Bait Al Luban Omani Restaurant( ) Along with these, there are many more hotels and restaurants in the city of Muscat.


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